Aker: I can be the next “QUEENSLANDER” guy

Aker: I can be the next "QUEENSLANDER" guy

AFL Legend Jason Akermanis believes he has what it takes to replace Billy Moore as the next “QUEENSLANDER” guy.

Akermanis, or “Aker” as he is known, believes his credentials as a three-time premiership player for Brisbane, winner of the sport’s highest individual honour, and three State of Origin games for the Allies from 1996-1998 makes him the perfect fit to replace Moore, despite being from the wrong code of footy.

While Akermanis’ famous post-game victory handstand had the crowds entertained for many years at the Gabba, the judges who recently staged auditions to replace Billy Moore were having none of Aker’s antics.

The judging panel consisting of Dylan Cowell, Jack Randy Jackson and Queensland water boy Allan Langer told Akermanis to “go home”, that it was the “wrong sport” and that he’d be best suited to sticking with the sportsmen’s nights with Warwick Capper.

“I’m a Queenslander,” said Akermanis, in a passionate defence of his right to be there.

“We (Australian Rules Football) invented State of Origin. I played for the Allies against Victoria in ‘98”

State of Origin legend for the Allies, Jason Akermanis as Billy Moore looks on.

While Australian Rules did invent the State of Origin concept, Rugby League made it what it is, with Akermanis playing in a team called the Allies which consisted of the rest of the states that weren’t Victoria, SA or WA proving just that.

Despite Queensland winning game 1 of this year’s series, the team morale is believed to be at an all-time low with Billy Moore declaring to his management that he won’t be saying the line anymore after walking out on a TV interview.

While his managers have pleaded and displayed visible anger towards the former North Sydney Bear who only played 17 games for Queensland, auditions to find a replacement for Moore has proven to be a hard task.

The likes of former Bronco and Neds NRL Punting Podcast host Jharal Yow Yeh, Children’s TV legend Agro and North Queensland’s own Bob Katter have thrown their legs, hands and even hats into the ring to replace Billy Moore, but none have impressed the judges so far.

Agro, a puppet – a potential replacement for Billy Moore as the new “Queeslander” guy.

“We even went down to Sydney to stage some auditions there,” said Jack Gould, Moore’s manager.

It is believed that Billy Moore’s management consisting of Jack Gould and Dylan Vautin (no relation) approached NSW Blues legend Benny Elias to replace Moore to try and lure him back, but he wouldn’t say such an offensive word as “Q******der” to save his life.

“You gotta be joking” – Benny Elias. 

The hunt to find a replacement or to get Billy Moore to change his mind continues.

Author: Lucille White