Why You Need Strategy And Plan In Your Betting Hustle!

Why You Need Strategy And Plan In Your Betting Hustle!


Like every other discerning human, I’m one who is for learning and development. When I get beaten on my bet, I try to observe my mistake which led to the loss and try to correct it next time I bet.

The only way to truly succeed is by ensuring your time spent practicing is focused on improvement and not just whacking balls about. Just like one who wants to lose weight and also keep fit has to browse the best gadgets for exercise and make informed buying decision, you must look at what you have done wrong and plan for better result.

Now, think about your betting. What do you do? Are there any mistakes in what you do? Do you just walk into betting sites and choose matches at random and then place bet on them? Have you always been doing the same thing? Have you ever stepped back and actually examined where your losses come from? Do you even have a record where you write down all your bets and their outcomes in the first place? Do you have a self-destruct button that leads you to blow your slowly earned betting bank in a matter of minutes?

Einstein defined insanity as ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’

Henry Ford said ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.’

Have a look at your betting history, have a look at the mistakes you have made. They will be glaringly obvious to you if you take ten minutes and examine your betting history. The most common things to look for are:

Chasing losses – do you always dare to fight back immediately you lose a bet? “He who fights and run lives to fight another day” they say.
Going for ‘the big one’ too often. Loosing too many bet because your mind is focused on winning 1 million naira in one day, not knowing that you can gradually achieve that every single month with a clearly outlined betting plan and strategy (goto my site, you’ll see the screenshots of my bet history and you will believe what i say – check my profile picture for my site’s name).
Always accumulating too many matches. lol, are you guilty?
Spending hours picking out your best selections and betting let’s say N2000 on them, and then when they lose, you go on a tilt and bet N5000 on a team you know nothing about just because you want to recover your lost money by all means. Then you lose again. I could remember losing 48k on a certain Sunday morning in my quest to regain a 10k bet that i lost on the previous day. It is a big mistake. learn to avoid it. You gat to have a plan for your betting and stick to it.

All these things and many more are all too common, and if you want to be serious about actually making a profit from gambling YOU need to find them, and YOU need to stop them. Make a conscious decision to do it and it will be one of the best betting decisions you make.

One more thing; I will also advise you to do a thorough research to discover a betting market (e.g. home wins, away wins, BTTS, under/over e.t.c) which you’ll not only be good at, you will have to be a professional at the particular market. It requires a great deal of patient and discipline though, but the good news is that it is possible. Study all the available betting markets, test the ones you like most, you will surely discover a market that you’re good at. You don’t need to be 100 percent perfect to make profit. You just need to have a plan and strategy good enough to convert your success rate in the market you choose to profit.


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Author: Lucille White