“We’re giving the people what they want” Moore’s management FURIOUS with decision to not say QUEENSLANDER

“We’re giving the people what they want” Moore’s management FURIOUS with decision to not say QUEENSLANDER

THE MANAGEMENT for Maroons legend Billy Moore is livid with the former North Sydney Bears lock’s decision to no longer say “QUEENSLANDER” at State of Origin time.

Moore, who had spectacularly walked out on an interview with Neds NRL Punting Podcast host and hard-hitting journalist Chris Garry after he was meant to say the line in a promotional clip was called into the office for a crisis meeting with his managers Jack Gould and Dylan Vautin (no relation)

Vautin (No relation) slammed Moore for his change of heart; “…What else is this boofhead going to say around Origin time?”

Despite only playing 17 State of Origin games, Billy Moore has made a living off saying “QUEENSLANDER” ever since he walked down the tunnel prior to game one in 1995 but somehow the New South Wales born Maroons player has had a change of heart.

“I’m not saying it anymore…mate, I played 211 games for the mighty North Sydney Bears”

While Billy’s managers believe that no one cares about the North Sydney Bears, they all agree they should be back in the NRL #BringBackTheBears

When pushed by manager Jack Gould as to why he didn’t want to say “Queenslander” anymore, Moore said “Mate, I’m sick of it. I have so much more to offer. I do gig after gig saying the same line…There’s more to moore.”

Gould and Vautin (no relation) maintain that they have adhered to the one-time South Sydney exhibition game when expelled out of the competition players request to branch out including giving Mr. Moore auditions for the lead role in the William Shakespeare classic play Hamlet and a highly sought after gig in Real Estate.

Billy Moore could only sell one type of house as a real estate agent. 

While Moore’s management did their best to help him branch out, the Sunshine Coast restaurant owner claims Punters egged on him to say the “Queenslander” line.

For over 27-years, Billy Moore saying “Queenslander” is big business with the line putting both Mr. Moore’s and Mr. Gould’s children through school along with helping Dylan Vautin (no relation) pay child support.

Moore maintains he’ll no longer say the catchphrase at State of Origin events, however, he still thinks he’s got plenty to offer “I’m happy to talk about the Bears, the origin games, the Australian matches, the restaurant stories” – including how he was able to put mango on a pizza at Augellos.

In the meantime, both Jack Gould and Dylan Vautin (no relation) who specialise in catchphrase clients are furious at Moore for not saying “Queenslander” anymore, they believe that they will still make a profit from their other client, Frank Walker from National Tiles saying “HEEELLLLLOOOOO”

Author: Lucille White