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Tony Ferguson's Weirdest Moments - Neds Blog

It would come as no shock to any UFC fan to suggest that Tony Ferguson is one of the more unique characters that the promotion has ever seen.

And we have seen some weird units fight in the UFC over the years!

From Clay Guida to Diego Sanchez to Jason Miller to Johnny Walker.

Since we were first introduced to ‘El Cucuy’ in The Ultimate Fighter season 13 in 2010 we have been intrigued by his personalities and unique fighting skill and training habits.

It was no easy task, as there are simply so many moments to choose from, but ahead of his fight with Michael Chandler at UFC 274 this weekend, we have narrowed our list down and you can find Tony Ferguson’s Weirdest Moments below.


If Tony Ferguson is one thing, it’s a company man.

He has always loved the UFC and his determination to become champion was unrivaled.

After three losses in a row and a decent amount of time away from the octagon, has he finally become a little disgruntled?

His interviews during media day leading into UFC 274 may suggest that is the case.

Speaking for the first time in over a year, media day was an airing of grievances from Tony Ferguson, who didn’t hold back on Dana White “acting like a f*cking drug dealer”#UFC274 | Full video:

— MMA Junkie (@MMAJunkie) May 4, 2022

The Ultimate Outburst

After being relatively quiet for most of the 13th season of The Ultimate Fighter (a series he would go on to win), Tony had a few too many Bud Lite’s and lost control just a little bit.

The look in his eyes is still super creepy to this day.

Train The Way You Play

Tony Ferguson is not only wacky when he is away from the Octagon, he’s equally weird in the gym.

His training habits and self-taught exercises have become legendary and I have no doubt will be talked about in many years to come.

There will always be some that praise him for his forward thinking and progressiveness when it comes to training for Mixed Martial Arts and some that think it is a little crazy.

With a coach like Eddie Bravo, I don’t think Ferguson ever had a chance but to be a little wacky in the gym.

Look into it.

No Injury Will Stop Tony Ferguson

Ferguson tore his knee a part in perfect ‘El Cucuy’ fashion back in 2018.

In the week leading up to finally fighting Khabib Nurmagomedov, he tripped on a camera chord and badly injured his knee.

It was an injury that really needed 12 months to heal.

He was back fighting within five months.

Threatened To Ankle Pick Fabricio Werdum

What do you do if a former UF Heavyweight Champion interrupts you when you are talking?

Nothing. The correct answer is nothing.

Not if you are Tony Ferguson.

El Cucuy Is No Rat

Sum up Tony Ferguson with one short video.

Okay here you go.

Making Weight

Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to make weight for a fight that isn’t even happening.

Rumours started circulating that Ferguson continued to make weight even after his most recent fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov was cancelled.

Just to prove a point.

Classic Ferguson.

Tony Ferguson Is The Type Of Guy…

Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to put the belt on Dana White and raise the refs hand after winning a championship

— Alistar Grove (@Alistar_Grove) May 4, 2020

Tony Ferguson looks up and down before crossing a street.

— ㅤㅤㅤ (@basedbtc_) May 4, 2020

Tony Ferguson the type of guy to give advice to his corner at the end of the round.

— Exon (@wazowski_john) May 4, 2020

Tony Ferguson is the type of guy to stare at a bottle of orange juice because it says concentrate on it

— Rayhaan🔴 (@MUFCRayhaan) May 4, 2020



Author: Lucille White