Robert Quinn Intends To Remain In Chicago For 2022

Robert Quinn Intends To Remain In Chicago For 2022

It’s a time of change in Chicago, and edge rusher Robert Quinn says he won’t dwell on the NFL’s ‘craziness’. 

Under new general manager Ryan Poles, the Bears have shed more than 25 players from their roster since March.

Khalil Mack’s departure to the Chargers was the most high profile trade. It’s a move that has Robert Quinn hoping he’s not the next one out the door.

Robert Quinn set Chicago’s single-season record for sacks in 2021, with 18.5. The 31 year old hopes this output keeps his position safe.


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“The only thing I thought of was hopefully my résumé or my production from last year gives me a little weight to keep my foot in the building,” Quinn said. “At the end of the day, it’s a business. Again, you see Khalil Mack getting traded. Again, it’s just a business. Don’t dwell on it, too crazy.”

“I didn’t expect to go anywhere, or want to go anywhere, but again, this is a crazy business,” Quinn said.

Both Quinn and Poles deny that a rebuild is happening in Chicago, in spite of the high turnover.

“I don’t think that’s the right way we should phrase it, because people in — the guys in the building are professionals and I think everyone carries themselves to high expectations,” Quinn said. 


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“I believe, me personally, no player is better than me, and I believe everyone else should carry themselves the same way. So to say, ‘a rebuild’ is, I guess, a funny word. I think it’s just getting guys to believe who they truly are, and perform at their high level of expectations, because everyone’s talented enough, because they’re here. Now you’ve just got to go prove it.”

“The rebuild thing is like super sensitive,” Poles said. “No, we’re constructing a very good football team. Regardless of how you use whatever term that is, we just continue to add talent. And young talent, older talent, whatever it takes to mak

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Author: Lucille White