Future NFL stars await their fate in the Draft


The 2022 NFL Draft begins in Las Vegas on Thursday night, and continues Friday, and Saturday

It’s a huge deal in the States in what of course is the off-season for footballers, though doubtless they’ll be ticking over nicely, keeping in shape.

Official hostilities don’t recommence until late summer, with friendly encounters eventually giving way to regular season action late August/early Sept. All roads then lead to Super Bowl LVII in Glendale, Arizona, on Feb 12th 2023.

The weakest sides from last season get the first choices in the Draft from the array of College talent looking to break through, and make household names for themselves. Thus the Jags have first ‘dibs’ this time around. I wonder who they will select?

The great Tom Brady, he of 7 Super Bowl rings, was drafted 199th overall in the sixth round of the 2000 Draft. Now you know how that bloke from Decca felt who apparently turned down the Beatles. ‘Guitar groups are on their way out.’ ‘The Beatles have no future in showbusiness.’ Ouch.

Tom’s coming back of course, after one of the shortest retirements on record. Top broadcaster/presenter Richard Graves has tremendous NFL experience, and we had the pleasure of his company today getting the lowdown on among other things Old Father Tom, Super Bowl LVII, and of course this year’s Draft.

Take a look with us, if you have a moment – and we’ve placed some Draft betting opportunities below on the *2022 NFL Draft link, too.

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Author: Lucille White