Average Saturday On The Punt w/ On The Drift

Average Saturday On The Punt w/ On The Drift

Another cracking Saturday of racing coming up this weekend, and we think it’s important to celebrate all the average punters out there who are the lifeblood of the best sport in the world.

Some even call it the sport of kings.

So today we celebrate you, the king, and take a closer look at how each of your Saturday’s shapes up on the punt.


First things first, caffeine.

We reckon you’re a solid flat white drinker.

If not, you probably look after your rig a bit more with a long black.

Either way you’re not ordering something annoying.

Wait until that cup of molten lava reaches a more tolerable temp and take a seat.

Maybe at your favourite café or maybe on the comfort of your couch at home.

Here’s when the most important part of the day comes.


How do you do it?

Whip out your smart phone and swipe through the metro meetings on your Neds app?

Or are you a physical type – need something tangible to wrangle?

Need to have the smudged ink of the newspaper on your fingers with a pen in hand?

We love it either way.


It’s not even 9am, but the group chats are already going off like a cut snake.

Your clued on mates are sharing their best bets.

So are the ones who don’t have a clue. Your mate from work is asking for your thoughts on Race 9 at Eagle Farm.

You haven’t worked this hard all week.

Sheesh, only a couple of hours until the first.


You dive headfirst into the life admin you need to get done to keep everyone (the missus) happy, so the rest of Saturday’s runway is clear.

Clear, for take-off, to the local.


Salivating, you meet the crew and get stuck in.

You pick winner in the first, today’s the day.

Time for lunch, are you a schnitzel or parmi type?

Steak or perhaps a steak sanga?

Bit left field but do you prefer surf over turf?

The barramundi is usually on special.

Nah, schnitzel it is, with double gravy on the side.

Bit of a lull now, lunch needs to digest and really, you’re just fanging for the features.

Because that generally means something else is just around the corner.


And this is why you will tell anyone who will bloody listen that racing is a team sport!

Anyone who constructs a quaddie without their valued teammates and punting companions is missing out on the true comradery that is being a punter.

It’s us versus them (the “them” being the bookies).

We need to win this battle as a united front – together.

The first leg fails.

Ah well, next time.

You best of the day is in the next leg, you’ve told everyone.

Your boss says he will sack you if it doesn’t get up.

You think he’s joking but, you know, just to be sure, this thing needs to get up.

It gets a huge check coming round the corner.

You turn away, deflated.

Get those tyres pumped back up king, it’s rallying! It’s coming home! You don’t even win by a nostril, but by a nostril hair!

Pure jubilation. Unbridled joy. Utter ecstasy.

You end the day about even. About average.

Onwards and upwards to next week.

Enjoy the day, punters.

Author: Lucille White