Anthony Davis Backs Himself And LeBron To Bounce Back

Anthony Davis Backs Himself And LeBron To Bounce Back

The 2020 NBA Championship feels like a lot longer than two years ago for the Lakers and Anthony Davis.

Nonetheless, Anthony Davis still believes that he and LeBron James can combine in a title-caliber team next season.

If reports are to be believed, they will be playing under a new head coach. According to ESPN, Frank Vogel is expecting to be relieved of his duties on Monday.

The Lakers finished with the 22nd best record after being one of the favorites to win the championship at training camp.


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Injury disruption meant Frank Vogel could never name a settled team, and the Lakers Big 3 barely played together. Anthony Davis only made 40 appearances due to knee and foot injuries.

LeBron, Davis and Russell Westbrook only played 21 games together as a three.

“I think us two can. We’ve shown that we can,” Davis said. 

“I don’t know that’s something we just have to reevaluate in the offseason, upstairs, me and him talking about this season and what we would like to see next season and kind of just figure it out.

“… [We will] come together as a group … to get back to championship mentality that we had our first year. So that would be a very interesting conversation just from the standpoint of what changed.


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“I mean, injuries, but even when we were healthy, I don’t think we were able to reach our full potential — for whatever reason. So I think we want to figure it out and just get back to that championship pedigree that us as players know we’re capable of.

“To not log enough minutes together is what hurt us,” Davis said. “I still think us being on the floor together where [there is only] two out of three can win basketball games; it just didn’t happen.”

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Author: Lucille White