6 make bets online and win with 1xBet bookmaker

6 make bets online and win with 1xBet bookmaker

When a footballer stole the red card from a referee

The 2007 U-20 FIFA World Cup celebrated in Canada was an interesting competition. Fans can make bets online and win with 1xBet bookmaker when wagering on these youth tournaments.


This championship saw the emergence of many talents who represented their respective U-20 teams. Some of them included:


Arturo Vidal;
Lionel Messi;
Sergio Agüero;
Alexis Sánchez;
and Rui Patricio.


However, this exciting tournament also saw quite a bizarre episode that took place in one of its matches. To remember it, it is necessary to travel all the way back to the 12th of July 2007. It is possible to win with the 1xBet bookmaker by making online bets, which features great matches with excellent opportunities.

A very close match

On that day, Chile and Portugal faced each other in one of the matches of the round of 16. Currently, it is easy bet on football with 1xBet, and it is possible to do so on all the knockout stages of these championships.


Both teams had players that would be part of the world’s elite a few years later. Chile had names like Alexis Sánchez and Arturo Vidal. On the other hand, the Portuguese team had players like Rui Patricio and Fábio Coentrão. For this reason, it was expected that both teams could offer an exciting contest.


Right now, with 1xBet it is very easy to bet on football matches, and it can be done on all contests featuring Chilean and Portuguese teams. Regarding this specific match, Chile won 1-0, with the only goal of the game being scored by Arturo Vidal.

A bizarre occurrence

The match was nearing its end. Chile was winning 1-0 and the Portuguese were desperate trying to equalize the contest. Whenever these two rivals face each other, it is possible to wager on them at the http://www.1xbet.com/en/live/ platform.


Chilean defender Christian Sepúlveda tried to prevent the Portuguese from resuming the game quickly after a foul. However, Portuguese player Mano tried to solve things on his own. He violently punched Sepúlveda in his face, and a huge brawl erupted in the field.


After things calmed down a little bit, referee Subkhiddin Mohd Salleh showed a straight red card to Mano due to his violent conduct. However, while he was showing the card, Portuguese striker Zequinha stole the card from the referee’s hand. Was he thinking that by stealing the card, he could no longer send anybody off? The 1xBet website can also be used to wager on players being shown a red card.


The referee quickly recovered his card and also sent Zequinha off due to his weird action. Due to the brawl, he also showed a red card to Arturo Vidal. This meant that the match ended with 10 players against 9. Portugal were unable to score a goal, and Chile went into the quarter-finals.

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Author: Lucille White